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April 09, 2020

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Geoff has known CJ (a Grand Pacific Health Care Coordinator), for many years but that didn’t make reaching out for help easy.
Geoff was very stressed about his health and in particular, the financial barriers he was facing to pay for specialist appointments but CJ thanked
him for having the courage to reach out and explained how the Integrated Team Care program (ITC), could help him and his family.
Living with Diabetes, Geoff came very close to losing his sight altogether.

CJ arranged multiple specialist appointments for him and injections that saved him from going blind. He was also supported to see a cardiovascular specialist.
Geoff has worked very hard at getting his Diabetes under control. He no longer smokes, gets regular checkups and is enjoying improving his fitness.
Despite this, he suffered a major setback when he was diagnosed with two brain tumours. Geoff’s family and community were worried he wasn’t
going to pull through after hearing the devastating news.

However, Geoff went through the process of having the tumours investigated and later surgically removed.
CJ says she is pleased GPH was able to assist with Geoff’s Oncology visits:
“Geoff does so much in the community for other people - whether it’s helping youth within the Juvenile Justice system, advocacy work or
volunteering on all sorts of committees, so I am glad we’ve been able to support him and enable him to keep helping others.” Said CJ.
Geoff also volunteers as Chair of the Illawarra/Wingecarribee Aboriginal Alliance Corporation. He says he is passionate about local decision making and ‘Closing the Gap’ for Aboriginal people:
“The gap would be wider if it wasn’t for programs like this,” says Geoff.
“I would be long gone if it wasn’t for the help of people like CJ – I can’t praise her enough,” added Geoff.
Pictured: Geoff and his wife Marie

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