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Breanna was struggling to overcome daily challenges when she was referred to the MyStep program at GPH Wagga Wagga.

She expressed a desire to learn strategies to work through her mental health challenges and move forward.

Breanna received Clinical care once a month with Meg and was connected with a Peer worker – Anna, who she met with at least once a week initially. Anna and Breanna discussed strategies like window of tolerance, circle of control and influence. They talked about self-care, healthy habits in nutrition, movement and relationships.

“We often met in social settings, assisting in challenging her anxieties that she felt in crowds,” said Anna.
“We used DBT and CBT in an ‘exposure therapy’ type setting, to progress through some areas that Breanna felt challenged with.”
“She also felt she had some ‘anger’ and we looked at reframing techniques to safely overcome her anger, in a progressive and resourceful manner that was healthy for all,” added Anna.

Breanna actively engaged in her own care and what it looked like for her. She re-engaged in journaling (and still uses this as her main tool for self-care). She embraced the tools she learned and actively looked for opportunities to build social connections. One of Breanna’s goals was to be a Foster Carer and learn what was involved. Breanna submitted an application and attended meetings to learn more about the process. She has since completed her first level of training towards becoming a Foster Carer – successfully completing one of the goals in her Collaborative Care Plan.

Eventually Breanna felt comfortable moving forward in her journey alone, knowing where she could seek help if needed. Anna said it was rewarding to witness Breanna’s recovery journey:

“She had several personal light-bulb moments that were rewarding to witness. Especially within her social capacity building and engagement within the progression towards her goal of becoming a foster carer.”
“Breanna is a very easy to talk to, kind, funny and gentle human,” reflected Anna.

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