Sexual Health

Helplines and SMS

  • Sexual Health and BBV Service (Southern NSW Local Health District)
    • 1300 139 887 (Eurobodalla)
    • 1300 131 562 (Bega Shire)
    • 4827 3913 (Goulburn)
    • 6298 9233 (Queanbeyan)
  • NSW Sexual Health Info Line - 1800 451 624. Available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5.30pm. Promotional resources (posters, stickers and wallet cards) can be ordered online.
  • Hepatitis Helpline - 1800 803 990. Available Monday - Friday, 9am – 5pm.
  • SEX TXT - SMS 19SEXTXT. Got a question about sex? Sextxt gives you accurate answers when you need them… all in the time it takes to send and receive a text message. The program is an initiative of Marie Stopes International.



  • Body Talk is a website designed to address some of the common concerns young people have about their bodies, providing them with accurate information about reproductive and sexual health from the trusted experts at Family Planning NSW.
  • PlaySafe is sexual health website developed for young people by NSW Health. Contains information about safe sex and STIs. Ask any question to Nurse Nettie via the online form and receive a confidential response. Find out where you can get a test for STIs.
  • STI Website is an Australian Government website providing information on STIs (signs, prevention and treatment) resources are available to download.
  • Let Them Know aims to help people who have been diagnosed with a STI to tell their partners that they might also be at risk.
  • Marie Stopes website provides sexual health and family planning information. Resources can be downloaded (topics include abortions, STIs, contraception, screening, sexplanations, multi-lingual resources and GP resources). Marie Stopes Clinics offer services including abortion/pregnancy termination, vasectomy, contraception and STI check-ups.
  • Like It Is is a Marie Stopes initiative designed to educate teens on sexual health issues and reduce the rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Includes information on puberty, sexuality, peer pressure, periods, sex, teenage pregnancy, contraception and love bugs.
  • Family Planning NSW provides reproductive and sexual health information. Information section for under 25yrs. Resources are available to download and purchase.
  • Hepatitis NSW provides information on hepatitis, transmission, testing and monitoring. Resources are available to download and order.
  • Headspace is the national youth mental health foundation. The website features real stories for young people, parents and carers and information on where to get help. Headspace has over 30 factsheets on mental health related issues including depression, eating disorders, alcohol, drugs, psychosis, self harm, relationships, sexuality, natural disasters, grief, trauma and bullying. Check out the Headspace YouTube channel.
  • Somazone is a website for young people to ask questions, share stories and get help for mental health issues, sexual health, relationships, abuse, body image and drug use. Somazone is made by young people, for young people and is managed by the Australian Drug Foundation. Factsheets are available on image; relationships, drugs, sexual health, mind health, and cannabis and mind health. 
  • Right Now is run by ACON for GLBTIQ young people and provides information on sexual health, alcohol and drugs, domestic violence and mental health.
  • OII Australia Provides information, education and peer support for intersex people. Downloadable resources are available to explain intersex to the LGBT and broader communities, service providers and parents of intersex children.
  • Know 4 Sure everything you need to know about unplanned pregnancy.
  • Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships is a WA Department of Health resource for teachers when planning to deliver relationships and sexuality education.
  • The Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships is a teaching resource from the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, La Trobe University. The guide includes activities exploring relationships, sexual consent, equity and sexual and reproductive health.


These videos are available through the Tune In Not Out website.

  • What’s involved in a sexual health check? - Zane thinks he needs a Chlamydia check and books in to his local community health clinic in country Victoria. A humorous clip about what to expect visiting a sexual health clinic, made by young people who found out for themselves just how easy it is to book in and get checked. This video is in the sex section of the website.
  • HPV Vaccine for girls - This video explains what HPV is and how the vaccine works. The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine protects against 70% of cervical cancers and 90% of genital warts. The vaccine consists of three doses taken over six months, and is provided to girls aged 12 to 13 as part of the school-based immunisation program. This video is in the sex, STIs and HPV section of the website.
  • Alcohol, sex and consent - Off your head, don't share your bed! This video explores the important issue of sex and consent particularly when alcohol is involved. This video is in the sex section of the website.


The Making Choices booklets are available through the Family Planning Tasmania website.

  • Making Choices Booklet 1: A booklet for young women who think they might be pregnant
  • Making Choices Booklet 2: A booklet about being younng, pregnant and about to become a mum
  • Making Choices Booklet 3: A booklet for young people who want to know more about intimate relationships
  • Making Choices Booklet 4: A booklet for young women who are pregnant but do not want to continue with the pregnancy
  • Making Choices Booklet 5: A booklet for young women who are pregnant and would like to know more about adoption

PATH Games for Adolescent Reproductive Health: An International Handbook is a manual that shows how to use games to teach youth about reproductive health and sexuality.