Mental Health


  • Mental Health Line NSW - 1800 011 511. Freecall 24 hours 7 days a week telephone triage assessment and referral service.
  • Mental Health Information Service - 1300 794 991. Available Monday- Friday, 9am - 5pm.
  • Kids Helpline - 1800 55 1800. Freecall 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Lifeline Helpline - 13 11 14. Available 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • eHeadspace - 1800 650 890.
  • Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service NSW - (02) 8594 9596. Available 7 days from 5.30pm - 10.30pm.
  • The Butterfly Foundation (eating disorders) - 1800 33 4673. Available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.


  • Kids Helpline has information for kids, teens and parents. Kids Helpline provide a free phone helpline and email counselling. Promotional resources can also be ordered.
  • Lifeline provides 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention services. The website provides facts and information on suicide prevention, self help tools including a mental health quiz, coping kit to manage emotions and difficult situations, tool kits for a range of mental health topics, and factsheets on mental health topics.
  • Reach Out contains factsheets, real stories, forums for young people, and videos. Reach Out Central is an online game designed to help young people learn and improve skills for life in communication, problem solving and optimistic thinking. Reach Out has a free SMS tips program and free merchandise is available to order.
  • Headspace is the national youth mental health foundation. The website features real stories for young people, parents and carers and information on where to get help. Headspace has over 30 factsheets on mental health related issues including depression, eating disorders, alcohol, drugs, psychosis, self harm, relationships, sexuality, natural disasters, grief, trauma and bullying. Free resources are also available here. Check out the Headspace YouTube channel.
  • eHeadspace is a free online and telephone services support for young people (12 – 25yrs old) and their families going through a tough time.
  • Youth Beyondblue is for young people (12 – 25yrs) working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related disorders. Information is aimed at young people, parents and carers and health professionals. Resources and fact sheets are available to download or order.
  • What Works 4U is a website for young people to find out about mental health treatment options and what treatments have worked for other young people.
  • OCD? Not Me! is an online treatment program for young people (12 - 18yrs) with obsessive compulsive disorder. The program has 8 stages designed to be undertaken over 8 weeks and provides information, tips, activities and support to help overcome the symptoms of OCD. The site also provides support for parents and caregivers with weekly information and tips to help manage their child's OCD. 
  • It’s All Right is for young people dealing with mental health issues in the family.Bite Back aims to improve the wellbeing and mental fitness of young people and is based on the principles of positive psychology – the science of optimal functioning.  12-18 year olds can discover ways to amplify the good stuff in life with online activities and quizzes. They can access real stories, important issues, videos, blogs, and interviews and enter competitions.
  • Smiling Mind is about modern meditation for young people. Smiling Mind is a free web and app based program designed to help bring balance to young lives.
  • The Desk aims to support tertiary students to achieve mental and physical health and wellbeing. Offers free access to online modules, tools, quizzes and advice.
  • Butterfly Foundation provides information on eating disorders, body image, and how to support someone suffering from a disorder. The site has fact sheets and education programs for young people, professionals and parents. Online support groups are available for those suffering from an eating disorder, parents, adult carers, siblings and young carers.
  • Anxiety Online is an online mental health service offering information, assessment, online diagnosis and treatment programs (e-therapy) for anxiety disorders.   
  • Brave Fun and interactive self-help course that helps 8 -17yr old manage anxiety using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques. There is also a separate program for parents, with advice on supporting young people with anxiety. Developed by Griffith University, University of Southern Queensland and The University of Queensland, with funding from beyondblue.

Apps, games, guidelines, fact sheets and checklists

  • The Sorter: Get Sh!t Sorted App is full of fresh knowledge on love, sex, study, stress, cash, work, drugs and alcohol. Powered by ReachOut.
  • WorkOut App is an online program for young men to develop skills for life. The app tackles thoughts and attitudes. This program aims to de-stigmatise the idea of getting help and lay the foundations of good mental health. The program targets aspects of thinking including confidence, practicality, control and ability to handle pressure.
  • Somethings Not Right Checklist is a checklist for people who are worried about someone they know whose behaviour has changed.
  • Mental Health First Aid Guidelines provides information to the public about first aid application to a range of developing mental disorders and mental health crisis situations. The guidelines have been produced for English speaking countries, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Persons, and some Asian countries.
  • Juice App is a simple, visual app for helping people track the links between routine and energy, and helping them take small steps to improve energy levels. Users rate their energy levels and activities daily – including sleep, exercise and nutrition. Through regular use users can unlock new options to track such as mood, stress, balance and relationships. This app would be great to use with young people experiencing depression – exercise is one of the most effective treatment strategies for depression, and sleep and nutrition also have demonstrated impact, making this a great way to visualise their impacts. 
  • Life Charge App is a simple journaling app that allows a young person to log positive and negative events throughout the day, while providing each entry with a rating on a 3 point scale. The app uses a battery symbol to visualise the balance of positive and negative moments, as well as a longer term summary provided as a graph. Suitable for use with young people 12+. And can be used with young people with mood disturbances or to maintain wellbeing.
  • Check-in App For anyone who wants to check in with a friend but is concerned about saying the wrong thing or making the situation worse. The app takes you through four steps, super easy and super quick, getting you to think about where you might check in, what you might say and how might you support your friend. Developed by Youth Beyond Blue.


  • Youth Friendly GP Video aims to encourage, engage, educate and support young people to access GPs. Produced by NSW Kids and Families, this site also contains classroom activities for use in a school setting.
  • Understanding self-harm is a video based on a real life story and produced by Headspace. It focuses on a young person's experience of self harm and her process of getting help. 
  • Self-esteem is a video about seeing your good qualities, being comfortable with your weaknesses and doing your best with what you have. Hear young people talk about self esteem, what low self esteem looks like and how to improve your own and your mate's self esteem. The video features Scott Tweedie and Headspace ambassadors Nick Bracks, Dan Jackson, Ash London and Tyla Bertolli.
  • Just Hang in There video and resource kit  is a local Eurobodalla Shire resource aiming to increase young people’s awareness about where to go for help (for themselves or friends) when experiencing a mental health issue.
  • These videos are available for download on the Tune In Not Out website's anxiety, depression and stress section.
  • Suicide Prevention – This video shows how being concerned about a friend or family member considering suicide can be a very scary experience. This video sheds light on the topic and provides some advice about how to address the issue.
  • Zero to Hero - "Dress Up. Stand Up. Speak Up'- this video is about raising awareness and help prevent youth suicide.
  • My Story - Sleeping Problems -  This podcast shares the experience one girl has with sleeping problems and that sleep is a necessity not an option.
  • Patience Project and Stress  – this video discusses making music, being in a band and how to cope with stress.
  • Kellie - Self Harm – In this video, Kellie talks of her self-harming and how help is available. How to Help your Mates – R U OK video - It can be hard to know what to say when a friend says, "I'm not OK".  This video gives some tips on how to help a friend in need.
  • Simon Hogan Tells His Story (seeking help for depression) - Geelong player and headspace ambassador Simon Hogan shares his story of seeking help for depression and the importance of seeking help early.
  • Getting Help from a Doctor - In this video, beyondblue looks at what it's like to get help from a doctor if you're feeling down. How do you get an appointment? How can a doctor help you with your mental health? How do you bring it up?
  • Getting Help from a School Counsellor - Most schools have a counsellor you can see if you're feeling down or having difficulties at school or home. In this video, beyondblue looks at what a school counsellor does and how they can help.
  • What’s it like seeing a Psychologist? – This video looks at what it's like seeing a psychologist for the first time.
  • What Does a Psychiatrist Do? - In this video, beyondblue looks at what it's like to get help from a psychiatrist.
  • Understanding Depression and Anxiety with Ruby Rose - this video take a look at depression and anxiety.
  • These videos are available for download on the Tune In Not Out website's safety and violence section.
    • Keep it Tame – this video explores responsible use of phones, tablets and computers.
    • “Bullying” with Ruby Rose and Stonefield – this headspace video shows stars talking about their experiences of bullying and how to get help.
  • This video is available for download on the Tune In Not Out website's eating disoders section.

    • Fabricating Beauty – Body Talk video – this video takes a look into the world of magazine photos.
  • This video is available for download on the Tune In Not Out website's body image section.
Join the Body Image Revolution with Jessica Smith – this video features Australian Paralympian Jessica Smith talking about body image, the seriousness of eating disorders and the importance of loving your body.
  • This video is available for download on the Tune In Not Out website's alcohol and other drugs section.
Who Are You? This video is about sexual assault and alcohol. The video focusses on making a difference - watching out for your mates when out.
  • This video is available for download on the Tune In Not Out website's safe partying section.
    • Photo Fail – this video explores the good and the bad of posting photos online.
  • This video is available for download on the Tune In Not Out website's sex and sexual assault sections.
    • Love Control – this groundbreaking film draws directly from young women's experiences of abusive relationships and shows how quickly controlling behaviour can escalate into full blown violence. This video describes abuse that some may find disturbing.