Cancer and Cancer Screening


  • Canteen is the Australian organisation for young people living with cancer.
  • Cheeky Check-up is aimed at young women and provides preventative information on breast cancer, including how to check your breasts, what to look for and how to reduce your risks.
  • Hope is hosted by the Cancer Council and provides interactive ‘at a glance’ facts on what causes many cancers and how to prevent them.
  • Cancer Council NSW website provides information on screening and early detection on breast, bowel, cervical, skin and prostate cancer. Skin cancer prevention resources and skin cancer GP resources can be downloaded.
  • Cervical Screening NSW website has cervical screening resources to order or download.
  • Now What? is a supportive, informative and inclusive online community for young people living with cancer. Free resources can be ordered or downloaded.


  • The HPV Vaccine for Girls video on the Tune In Not Out website's STI section provides information on the Human Papilloma Virus; what it is and how the vaccine works.
  • The Getting Moles Checked video on the Tune In Not Out website's health and wellbeing section tells SunSmart advocte Rebecca's story on melanoma and skin cancer.