The Lifestyle Integrated Functional Exercise program (LiFE) is a 7 week program designed to improve strength, balance and reduce the risk of falling.

The program is run as a group but individualised through a personal assessment of each participant by our qualified instructors.  The program is open to anyone living in the community over the age of 60 years (or over 50 if you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander) who is able to walk with or without a walking aid.

LiFE teaches you to incorporate some simple leg strengthening and balance activities into your daily tasks and routines.  What makes LiFE different from other programs is that people do not have to set aside special “exercise” time each day, something that many of us find difficult to do. Instead, LiFE activities are done throughout the day, such as when washing dishes, hanging out washing or cleaning our teeth.

To find out more about the LiFE program or locations of programs contact the LiFE team: