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Peter Harris’ story
Peter Harris is a well-known, young, Indigenous man from the Queanbeyan region who is passionate about exercise and sport - especially basketball. Peter is a talented basketball player, he coaches younger teams and is a positive role model for them.

Peter is looked up to by his peers and has even been recognised for his leadership abilities by the Queanbeyan Palerang NAIDOC Award Committee. Peter has made the choice not to smoke, to benefit his physical health so that he can keep playing sport and be on top of his game.


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Aunty Louise Brown’s story
Aunty Louise Brown is a proud Ngunnawal Elder, who throughout her eventful life has experienced some of the toughest times for Aboriginal women in Australia. Aunty Louise has surrounded herself with second hand smokers for many years – not realising the impact it can have. 

Aunty Louise now suffers severe emphysema and has issues breathing. Aunty Louise has also had some health troubles that can be linked back to tobacco consumption, second hand smoking and even third hand smoking.
She doesn’t want to see anybody suffer in the same way she does.