GPH Service

Suicide Prevention Mental Health Counselling

Suicide Prevention Risk De-escalation Program

A six week, assessment, planning and distress tolerance service for those at mild to moderate risk of suicide and self-harm.

Who is the service for?

For people at mild to moderate risk of suicide and self harm part of one of the below groups - Youth (12 - 25 years of age) - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, LGBTI - Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander, ATSI (time period of 3 months) - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD)

What services are offered?

Sessions over a 6 week period

Who can refer?

GPs (doctors), psychiatrists, public mental health services, emergency departments or non-medical practitioners.

How do I refer?

Complete the Referral Form, Mental Health Treatment Plan or call 02 4220 7688.

Referral Form

Service Contact : 02 4220 7688


Attachment Trauma Treatment (ATT) - Child and Family

A medium term treatment program for children (and their families) who have or are at risk of developing a mental health issue due to an experience of domestic violence or physical abuse.Referrals are not accepted for children for whom a history of sexual assault is the main presenting issue, families who have current serious safety issues and those for whom final custody orders have not been granted. This service is open to biological and kinship carers but not foster care placements. Individual and group therapies for children, parents and families together are offered.

1800 228 987

Integrated Recovery Services

A Mental health program for adults with enduring and complex needs.Provided within GPH by a team of credentialed Allied Health Professionals and Mental Health Peer Workers.Other supports and services are also engaged in care planning and service provision

1800 228 987