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May 27, 2022

train for your brain

People often think about exercise for weight loss, but they don’t often focus on resistance exercise for the purpose of mental wellbeing.


A HASI group program has done just that and the evidence is remarkable.


Participants were invited to attend group sessions twice a week between November and May, along with some one on one sessions and tailored at home workouts.


Groups sessions were held at the Tomerong Hall to allow both Nowra and Ulladulla based consumers to attend. A healthy lunch was provided, and a safe, supportive environment created.


One participant, John, said he feels stronger as a result of the sessions:


“I’ve noticed a big difference in myself, I feel more relaxed, my mental health has improved, and I have more energy than I had before.”


Body 4 Mind Personal Trainer Nikki has noticed lots of other positives in participants since the program kicked off in November 2021:


“Strengthening their functional movements and coordination have been great for their balance and everyday tasks,” said Nikki.


“Its easy to notice those physical signs of improvement but they’re also a great foundation for reducing anxiety and depression, improving moods and gaining confidence.”


HASI Support Workers have driven participants to the program and taken part themselves - creating positive outcomes for staff as well.


“I’ve come off all my medication since getting involved, I was spending $120 a month on tablets for diabetes and high blood pressure and now I don’t need them,” said Kerry.


“The last 5 months really have changed my life, I used to be so tired all the time and now I have more energy, I sleep better – I even tried hoverboarding with my grandkids!”


“At first I could only do things for 10 seconds at a time, now I can do a minute or two with a smile on my dial!” Kerry added.


Participants are being encouraged to keep up the healthy habits they’ve learned after being gifted with a food journal and goals notebook. Many are keen to keep utilising exercise for their mental health and wellbeing.


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