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April 10, 2018

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Illawarra Shoalhaven Partners in Recovery (ISPIR)is running a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) program for consumers who are at risk of experiencing a mental health crisis and want to learn how to manage it.

ISPIR is a service for people with severe and persistent mental health issues run by Grand Pacific Health (GPH).

Each session will involve mindfulness as well as skills for high level distress, including: Distraction, physiological change, using senses, willingness

GPH Psychologist Annie Bovard who will be coordinating the program says it is one of 4 workshops as part of a ‘let’s talk’ series that will each run for 9 weeks:

“Participants can choose which ones they would like to attend or attend them all,” said Annie.

“We will look at ‘Building Strong Relationships’, ‘Managing a Crisis’, ‘Flexibility and Feelings’ and ‘Positive Relationships.”

“Previous participants have found our programs beneficial for their mental health recovery.”

“A GPH Mental Health Peer Support Worker will also be present to assist participants through the sessions,” added Annie.

Program Details

Where: Grand Pacific Health, Wollongong

When: Mondays, 11.00am - 1.00pm for 9 weeks from May 7th, 2018     Enquiries or more information: Call 1800 228 987 or email ispir@gph.org.au                                                                                                For media opportunities call Annie Bovard on 42 207 600 or Alan Beadnell on 0439 114 448


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