GPH Welcomes Health Spending in Federal Budget

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May 10, 2018

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Grand Pacific Health (GPH) has welcomed the Federal Government’s 2018 Budget given its significant commitment to health funding.

CEO Ron de Jongh says he is optimistic about the future of mental health services:

 “Mental health funding is nearly double the amount on last year and there will be more of a focus on mental health services for older Australians -both in aged care facilities and in harder to reach areas of the community, which is fantastic news.”

 “We are also delighted that more funding has been allocated to suicide prevention, as this is another area of concern.”

 “We particularly welcome the announcement of $92 million over the next five years for continuity of support for those people not eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, but who are currently receiving support under programs that are transitioning into the NDIS.”

 “A focus on incentivising and retaining health professionals in regional Australia was also welcome news,’ said Mr de Jongh.

 GPH provide locally-tailored, high quality health services that meet the needs of the Southern NSW communities. 

 60% of GPH’s service delivery is across the spectrum of mental health services from early intervention to support for individuals with complex mental health issues.

“We are looking forward to seeing how these funding announcements now filter down into tangible service offerings for our local communities,” added Mr de Jongh.

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