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May 27, 2022

michelle HASI

Michelle found herself in a tough spot at the end of 2021. She was homeless, struggling with her mental health and looking for help.


The Homeless Hub in Nowra managed to find her a place to live and she was linked with the Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) in Nowra, operated by GPH.


Michelle’s key worker Carrie invited her to participate in a new group program being offered called ‘Train for Your Brain.’


Michelle describes feeling old and tired at the beginning, at 56 she would often wake up feeling stiff and would sometimes have to make herself attend the program but says it was worth it:


“I feel stronger, my balance is better and I feel good again.”


Michelle has also enjoyed the social aspect of the group and made the comment that participating with others has been a motivating factor in sticking out.


Body 4 Mind Personal Trainer Nikki has noticed big improvements in Michelle:


“In the beginning I had a lot of smaller weights to choose from but now I’m having to think about bringing along more options that aren’t too easy for Michelle as she’s come so far.”


Carrie has also noticed changes in Michelle:


“Michelle is amazing women and has come a long from when she first came onto our program.”


“It has been a privilege to walk along side of Michelle on this part of her journey,” she added.


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