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June 06, 2019


Louise first connected with Grand Pacific Health (GPH) in 2018 when she accessed counselling services after experiencing severe anxiety and moderate depression following the Tathra bushfires. It began to impact on her ability to function and was compounded by some significant family issues that arose during this time. The stress triggered psychosis for Louise who then required hospitalisation and further support from Community Mental Health services.
Louise was then referred to GPH’s Integrated Recovery Service for further support. The IRS team offered weekly sessions with Louise. During more challenging periods in her recovery, the IRS team also met with Louise and her husband. Individual sessions consisted of supportive counselling, psychoeducation and building advocacy skills regarding her ongoing family issue. Louise and Claudia (the IRS Peer Worker), carried this work on in between clinical appointments
with Helena (the Mental Health Clinician).
“We also worked together on practical tasks such as getting out of the house and developing routines,” said Claudia.
“Louise has put a lot of effort in to her recovery and has found ways to apply everything she is learning,” added Claudia.

Louise is now more able to take actions towards her goals. She has developed her communication skills, allowing her to voice her own wants and needs during recovery. She continues to work on anxiety management skills and is beginning to explore more ways to keep herself well. Louise is also taking more control over her self-care, maintaining appointments and thinking about other goals to lead the life she would like to live.
“It’s been a process, it hasn’t been easy,” said Louise
“But It’s been nice to have someone to talk to who understands it all,” added Louise.
Louise recently shared a story with the IRS team about doing her vacuuming and noticing persecutory voices. Louise told the team she was able to recognise them, step away from her task to do what she needed to do to manage the experience and then get back to vacuuming.
“This is a huge achievement and was heart-warming to hear,” said Claudia.
“It is a privilege to witness these tangible changes and shows how effective multi-disciplinary teams can be,” added Claudia.

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