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September 06, 2018

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When Geoff first came to Grand Pacific Health’s Integrated Team Care Program (ITC) 12 months ago he needed assistance with covering the cost of podiatry bills and medical footwear relating to his diagnosis of diabetes. 

After meeting with Geoff to discuss his health and wellbeing it also became clear that he has trouble sleeping and although he had been using a ten year old CPAP machine he had never been properly diagnosed with sleep
apnoea. Since then, Geoff has been referred to a sleep specialist, undergone testing and been properly diagnosed. He is now using a modern CPAP machine, which has been properly fitted and calibrated to meet his needs.

His Care Coordinators have also been able to assist him financially to attend regular podiatry and endocrinology appointments. This has meant that Geoff is feeling much less stressed about the financial strain that having multiple chronic health problems can bring.

He is also better rested now that his CPAP equipment has been updated. The improvement to his sleep cycle has in turn improved his mental health, his energy throughout the day, and his work. Geoff is very thankful for the services he is receiving and has even been recommending the ITC program to other people in the community.

“I can’t believe more people aren’t aware of it,” Geoff said
“It would be so beneficial to so many people!” He added

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