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November 28, 2018

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Corey first visited headspace Wollongong at the recommendation of a friend from TAFE but his mother had also planted the seed a few years earlier. He walked in not knowing what to expect but someone met with him and his journey began.
Corey was referred to a GP to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan and started working with a Psychologist and a Social Worker. Corey has a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder, complex PTSD and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. He started having regular appointments with the GP and when he began to experience suicidal thoughts he was also referred to the GPH Suicide Prevention Psychologist for additional supports.

“The whole team went above and beyond what they needed to do,” said Corey.
“Even the receptionists have always been helpful, caring and friendly – they are always up for a friendly conversation when I go into headspace,” added Corey.

Corey describes his journey as an emotional one - full of ups and downs and recounts how the team supported him throughout Centrelink issues, relationship difficulties and even his graduation from Business College:

“With my team at headspace behind me - we have moved through mountains and have survived all manner of events, which I believe would have caused most people to give up. They have been so patient, caring and passionate.”
Having been with headspace for a number of years, Corey now volunteers on the Youth Reference Group to make sure others can also be confident and comfortable in accessing headspace services. 

He also devotes time to the Illawarra Suicide Prevention Collaborative and attends TAFE part time in order to move into social work at a university level. Corey hopes to one day work at a headspace centre and help others
who have faced similar difficulties to what he has experienced.

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