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March 03, 2021

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When Cassie came to GPH she described herself as being in a dark, deep depression.
While Cassie had struggled with her mental health and addictions in the past, the bushfires of 2020 were the start of a new spiral. The stress of the fires, the impact on her hours at work and a violent partner at home, all began to take their toll.
Throughout the COVID pandemic her partner, (now ex partner), was at home drinking all day. She threw herself into work, taking on a second job to avoid being at home and this only made matters worse with issues in the workplace and long, tiring days.
Eventually Cassie says she reached a breaking point, she felt suicidal and was admitted to hospital after overdosing on pills. It was then that she was referred to GPH.
Cassie began working with Glenn – a Mental Health Peer Worker based in Bega. She liked that they didn’t need to sit in an office to chat and they would instead take her dog for a walk along the beach. It was different to the ‘teacher/student’ situation she was used to, there was no pressure to talk and she felt at ease knowing Glenn could relate to what she had been through:
“To me it felt more human, less medical, which made it easier to open up. I felt like I wasn’t just a tick in someone's
box,” said Cassie

“We would talk about anything from the antics of our pets to preparing emotionally for Court with my ex,” added Cassie.
Cassie now has a new puppy, a new job that she enjoys, is drug and alcohol free and is back to enjoying life says Glenn:

“Cassie came to us in late 2020 in a very vulnerable state, we have spent many sessions together and its been great to see her come through it to a point where she is now able to get back to work and feel good again.”
"From my point of view, it’s working with people like Cassie that make the whole program ring true. It was a privilege to see this confident woman at the end of the program as opposed to the fragile individual that joined us at the start,"
added Glenn.
Cassie still checks in with Glenn on a weekly basis and notes that a lot has changed – including Glenn’s fitness levels.
“He struggled to keep up with me on our first walk,” joked Cassie.
Glenn doesn't deny it:
"She’s a machine when walking on the beach, I was pushing to keep up!" 

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