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August 14, 2018

Amys story2

From birth, my son has suffered with upper respiratory and asthma related illnesses, he was also diagnosed with a Ventricular Septal Defect, a heart murmur that seemed to stay problematic in his early months. On top of this,
he suffered with repetitive, chronic otitis media and lost hearing in both ears.
As a new mum, I felt overwhelmed and unsure of my son’s needs. I struggled financially to cover the costs of so many specialists – especially when we were seeing them all at once. In the space of a few short months we needed to see paediatricians, ear nose and throat specialists, paediatric cardiologists and asthma educators. After these initial appointments, the follow ups were regular, and very important to his health and development.
The Aboriginal Health Care Coordinator at Grand Pacific Health was supportive and understanding, she went above and beyond to help us. Financially, we were supported to cover the entire cost of specialist appointments, which were always in the hundreds of dollars range, and when we had to travel to Sydney for these appointments we were supported with this as well.
Not only was the financial support literally a life saver, it meant that I could spend time caring for my son, and supporting his needs without the added pressure of watching the medical expenses pile up. The team have
benefited my family in more ways than I can count. My son is now 4 years old, and is still supported Grand Pacific Health. He is developing and growing into a happy, healthy little boy – and without the support of the
people like Aunty Pat, I would have struggled immensely to meet the mounting costs of his medical needs in his early years of life.
After his surgeries, I can proudly say that although his asthma still gives us grief and his heart will be monitored every few years, he is an active and happy boy who has regained all of his hearing and no longer suffers from chronic otitis media. Thank you
Grand Pacific Health!
Pictured: Amy, Tyson & Aunty Pat

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