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October 03, 2018

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Georja and her family moved to Goulburn two years ago. Her mum Maryanne, immediately set out to find supports for Georja who had previously been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Personality Disorder and Anxiety.
Maryanne was delighted to discover a newly opened headspace Goulburn.
When Georja went with her mum for the first time she loved the bright colours, as well as how friendly people were and describes feeling comfortable and safe.
“It has the feel of a youth centre, I like the vibe of the place,” said Georja.
Georja engaged with a Counsellor- first Kelly and later Jordyn and loved how she could identify with them on a personal level while receiving the emotional behaviour management support she needs.

Georja’s family describe her as seeming ‘lighter’ when she comes home from an appointment. She would often keep a list of things to discuss and work through them during an appointment to avoid getting too overwhelmed or reaching crisis point.
Personal circumstances meant that on some occasions things did get too much for Georja and she received treatment in hospital but headspace staff remained engaged with her throughout her stay and maintained their relationship.

Georja is also linked to a Sydney based Psychiatrist through teleconferencing facilities at headspace Goulburn to assess and manage her medication. This has allowed Georja to have her needs met under the one roof where she is comfortable and where her family can join her if she chooses.
Georja is now confident to do things she’s never done before - she is getting out of the house more and is encouraging other people to reach out for help if they think they need it:
“You can just walk in and say; ‘I need help’, you will be heard, they won’t judge you and they’ll treat you with respect,” said Georja.
Maryanne says the whole family unit has benefited from Georja’s positive experiences:
“My job is to be the mum not the clinician and the team have helped me find that line.”
“I have four kids with various levels of mental health needs so I would be lost without this kind of support,” she added.

Pictured: Georja with her mum Maryanne 

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