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September 08, 2021

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At headspace Bega we are committed to improving health outcomes for trans and gender diverse youth. As a response to this, the headspace Bega team began a Trans and Gender Diverse Youth Health Pathways Project (TaGDHP), led by lived experience.

The umbrella term ‘trans and gender diverse’ describes a population of people whose gender is different to what was assigned to them at birth. We are aware of the difficulty young people experience finding clear affirmation pathways and relevant information regarding the needs of trans and gender diverse people – especially in regional areas like the Bega Valley.

Headspace Bega Community Engagement Officer, Carly McDonald, says the working group created a brochure on social affirmation, which provides clear information for young people and is available for young people, friends and family at headspace Bega:

“Lived experience voices from our working group also identified the need for more local community businesses and services to have access to information that empowers them to be better allies. After all, being a good ally is more than just being respectful.”

“It was decided that supporting businesses to engage with the Trans101 Gender Diversity Crash Course was the best resource to start with. What better content to guide good allyship than that created by trans and gender diverse young people!” Added Carly.

Interest is continuing to be received from businesses in the Bega Valley region that are keen to access the crash course booklet. This can look like business owners reading the booklet, spending time going through it with their staff and maintaining connections with headspace reps from the working group to ensure they feel confident that their workplaces are safe and supportive places for trans young people.

“Our hope is for young trans & gender diverse people are able to feel like they can order a coffee or run some errands at any business in the region, free from the worry that they may be misgendered, discriminated against or made to feel unsafe.” Said Carly.

A list of registered businesses are available on our website. Please support these businesses who support our youth.

If your business/organisation would like to join this list please contact Carly McDonald Community Engagement on or 0436819221

Social affirmation brochures are now available at headspace Bega.

headspace Bega is proudly operated by Grand Pacific Health.


About headspace

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