COORDINARE announced as the successful Primary Health Network in South Eastern NSW

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April 13, 2015


COORDINARE, a recently formed not-for-profit organisation and venture, backed by Grand Pacific Health, the University of Wollongong, Peoplecare and IRT, has been announced by the Commonwealth as the successful tenderer for the new South Eastern NSW Primary Health Network (PHN).

Dianne Kitcher, Chief Executive Officer of Grand Pacific Health, who led the tender bid said she was delighted by the announcement and was ready to commence the transition from Medicare Locals immediately.

“The founding members of COORDINARE have a long history in South Eastern NSW, and our unique blend of private and public perspectives, and innovative thinking will transform the health system in the region by building synergies, streamlining approaches, and creating momentum for population health improvement,” said Ms Kitcher.

COORDINARE will create a cost effective and seamless patient experience by proactively addressing the duplication of effort and identifying practical, unified, systematic solutions to addressing challenges across sectors,” she added.

PHNs will have a very different focus to Medicare Locals. They will be responsible for rebuilding the primary health care system in the region through efficient and innovative models of funding and delivery of health and medical services to improve the coordination of patient care.

“To achieve this change, COORDINARE will engage directly with GPs and other key stakeholders across the region, as well as in the ACT, and work collectively to positively impact on the experiences and outcomes of patients as well as reduce the costs of providing care.

“We recognise the critical importance of reorienting the whole health system in South Eastern NSW from its current emphasis on episodic and acute care towards care that is delivered in the primary health setting and is well coordinated. This is particularly important for an ageing population and the growing number of people with chronic and complex conditions in the region,” she added.

Ms Kitcher confirmed that COORDINARE is well prepared and will be operational as the PHN by 1 July 2015.

“Our implementation activities have already begun and will build upon our pre-planning phase.

“We are committed to working with the team at Southern NSW Medicare Local to ensure a smooth transition to the new environment. This is a key priority during the establishment phase and our plan is highly geared to optimise service continuity and minimise disruption for patients and stakeholders,” added Ms Kitcher.

An important policy shift from the Commonwealth is that PHNs will ‘commission’ rather than provide services.

Dr Vicki McCartney, Chair of the Board of Grand Pacific Health, said Grand Pacific Health remains in a strong position and will continue to trade as a service provider, operating independently to COORDINARE.

“It is business as usual for Grand Pacific Health. We have been a significant service provider in the region for more than 20 years, focusing on chronic disease management and care, mental health and Aboriginal health.”

“We will continue to provide important frontline services to meet unmet needs and are accepting referrals for new and existing patients,” said Dr McCartney.

Contact Kristine Laird, Communications Manager on 0402 080 165 for further information.

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