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November 10, 2020

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Butt Out Boondah for Boori, a new program launched in Queanbeyan by Grand Pacific Health’s Tackling Indigenous Smoking team, is specifically tailored to Indigenous mothers and families to educate them about the health impacts of smoking. The program isn’t only focused on the negative impact of smoking, but also incorporates a range of traditional cultural activities to promote greater cultural connectedness– a factor that’s integral in butting out the boondah for good. 

In 2017, Indigenous mothers accounted for 20.2% of mothers who smoked tobacco at any time during pregnancy. 1 With a statistic this high, Butt Out Boondah recognised the need to educate pregnant Indigenous women about the severe impacts of smoking on their Boori (baby). Additionally, in a study conducted by the International Journey for Equity in Health (2019) it was found that Indigenous women strongly preferred culturally responsive approaches to smoking cessation, placing value on programs designed specifically for and by Indigenous people, that were accessible, and provided an alternative to smoking. 2 

Justine Bamblett, Tackling Indigenous Smoking Officer at Butt Out Boondah and an Indigenous woman herself, comments: “I’ve had first-hand experience with the devastating impact of smoking,” says Ms Bamblett. “I want to provide the right support for pregnant Indigenous women in my local community, through a culturally responsive approach, to create an environment where they feel accepted and supported through every aspect of their smoking cessation journey.” 

Butt Out Boondah for Boori is a 9-week group program for pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. The 2-hour sessions are facilitated by a Tackling Indigenous Smoking Officer, combining a cultural art or craft activity with a yarn (traditional communication method) about tobacco smoking. The sessions will be held on Tuesday’s from 3:00pm to 5:00pm at the Grand Pacific Health Queanbeyan Hub (Ground Floor, 34 Lowe St, Queanbeyan, 2620) starting on the 10th of November 2020. Indigenous women and their families interested in joining the program are encouraged to contact Butt Out Boondah via email tis@gph.org.au or call 02 6298 2900 

To learn more about Butt Out Boondah, visit https://www.gph.org.au/our-health-services/aboriginal-health/butt-out-boondah/.

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