BSc (Hons). Dip. Ed. MSc. (Psych) PhD MIACD Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Wollongong

Paul Chandler, completed his PhD at UNSW in 1993. For his work into human cognition and learning , Professor Chandler was awarded an Australian Research Council Fellowship (UNSW), before becoming Head of School of Education at UNSW. He still remains the most highly cited educational researcher in Australia and his research into teaching and learning is widely utilised worldwide. In 2008 , the Australian Research Council (ARC) awarded him as one of the top 10 scientists in Australia. For his service to UNSW, at Nura Gili, he was awarded a Distinguished Fellowship.

In 2007, he joined UOW as Dean of Education (UOW) and completed two terms as Dean. Under his leadership he drove the Faculty of Education to be the top provider of teacher education in Australia (see QUILT ratings). As the intellectual vision behind the $44 million Early Start Project he moved into the role of Executive Director of Early Start throughout the planning stages until the project was formally established. He remains the Foundination Chair of Early Start.

For the past five years, Professor Chandler has been appointed Pro-Vice Chancellor (Inclusion and Outreach) where he has spearheaded the Inaugural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education, Research, Engagement and Enabling Strategy for UOW. In a highly active role, Professor Chandler has strategic oversight of Woolyungah and the Inaugural UOW Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). He Chairs the Inaugural UOW Aboriginal Advisory Committee and UOW Aboriginal Advisory Groups, Co-Chairs the Inaugural UOW Aboriginal Research Advisory Group and has strategic, research and dissemination oversight of the highly successful teaching program,, Jindaola.

During his career, Professor Chandler has also received countless research and teaching awards. Professor Chandler sits on numerous private, not for profit and government Boards. He was a founding national Director of the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME), Founding Director of Early Start, Director of Myforeverfamily, Director of National Parks and Wildlife and was the Inaugural Director of the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) where he remains as a private Mentor. NESA is the regulatory body of all schools in NSW. Professor Chandler has maintained good relations with all the leaders of the various education systems in NSW.

Professor Chandler recently was part of the successful $300 million ARC Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child and is a member of its Advisory Board. Professor Chandler has a broad range of research interests.

Paul recently accepted an Honorary Professorship from UNSW. Currently he is investigating the psychological and cultural effects of Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination on Aboriginal communities in Jervis and Wreck Bay and more recently the psychological impacts of bushfires on children.

In addition, to being a proud Director of Grand Pacific Health, he Chairs the Advisory body for Myforeverfamily (the body that administers foster care in NSW). He is a new appointed Director for WorksSkills and is the Director of Social Impact to Steelcase (the largest furniture company in the world).