Grand Pacific Health uses a population health approach to identify local health needs and inform the development of focused and responsive primary care services.

We utilise research conducted by our staff, as well as state and national bodies, to inform our approach to service delivery.

Grand Pacific Health research

Since mid-2013, Grand Pacific Health has been leading a detailed comprehensive needs assessment for the Illawarra Shoalhaven region.

Grand Pacific Health has developed the region's first comprehensive population health report, Population Health Profile - 2013, detailing local population demographics, health outcomes and service use, and forms the basis for needs-based population health planning across the region.

Our qualitative investigation, known as the Health Collaborations Project, combined information from stakeholder forums, consumer surveys and service provider surveys to further identify health care needs across the region. Over 1800 people contributed to this project, either as participants in a half-day forum or through their responses to surveys. 

National Health Performance Authority

The National Health Performance Authority (NHPA) is an independent agency that reports on the performance of hospitals and primary health care organisations across Australia.

NHPA provides nationally consistent, locally relevant and comparable information about Australia’s health system to inform consumers, empower clinicians and service providers to drive improvements, and increase transparency and accountability.

Latest research and data is available from the NHPA website.