GPH Supports Marriage Equality

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October 06, 2017


Grand Pacific Health has confirmed its public support for Marriage Equality following a recent Board meeting.

CEO Ron de Jongh says that as a health care provider and leader in the delivery of mental health services, it is important that there is clarity that Grand Pacific Health opposes any structural discrimination and that as a consequence Grand Pacific Health supports changes to the Marriage Act that will recognise the right to the institution of marriage of any adult and their consenting adult partner regardless of gender.

“We are known as an LGBTIQ + friendly space and our public position in the debate supports this,” says the CEO. LGBTIQ + Australians are twice as likely to experience anxiety (31.5 per cent compared with 14.1 per cent) and three times as likely to experience depression and related disorders (19 per cent compared with 6 per cent) (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2008). These detrimental health impacts are continued by refusing this significant part of our community access to the same privileges as the rest of the population.

“We absolutely acknowledge and respect that not every individual within our organisation agrees with this position nor do we assume that every person we engage with in our service delivery does however, we would like to make clear that as an organisation we are inclusive and welcome everyone regardless of race, gender or sexuality and would like the laws of this beautiful land to reflect the same,” added Mr de Jongh.

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